These terms and conditions of sale govern the relationship between:

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Customers wishing to transfer translations to INOUI-TRANSLATION.COM

Placing an order implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale by customers.

1. Order

Acceptance of a quotation and/or confirmation of order is a firm and definitive act. Once the order is confirmed, it cannot be canceled. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

2. Price

The prices shown on are indicative only, and subject to change. Each translation request being unique will be subject to a specific price confirmation, taking into account factors such as the number of pages, and the complexity of their content.

3. Delivery of translations will send the translated work, attached to the original document, to the client by mail. Upon request of the client, the translated work can be picked up at the company’s office by appointment, or delivered to the client by express mail for an additional fee (worldwide international delivery available).

4. Payment

Payment of services is made by bank transfer, online payment. Work on the submitted document/s will not commence until payment is made. Once payment is made, we will not accept any cancellations, and no refund will be made in case of cancellation of an order.

5. Delay

The translation timeframes indicated on the website are indicative only and will be confirmed upon request. Confirmed lead times are approximate and may vary within 2 working days of the lead time advertised on the site. If additional information is expected from the client (confirmation of illegible or ambiguous names, for example), the time limit will be automatically extended until the required information is received.

The delivery time stated is the date of completion of the translated work. As such, shall not be held responsible for any postal delays. A copy of the work will be downloadable from the site as soon as the translation is completed. No overdue fine will be granted if the work has been properly shipped or made available to the client within the time period confirmed in the quotation.

6. Source documents

The client is responsible for providing perfectly legible source documents (documents to be translated). In the absence of a printed transcript, a legible handwritten copy of the document (such as proper names) may be acceptable. The client is also responsible for providing any justification that the translator might require to carry out the service (copy of document justifying a name in case of reading problems etc.).

Some administrations may require original source documents (birth certificates, marriage …). shall work from the documents presented to it, and shall not be liable in the event of the rejection of a translated file due to the non-presentation of the source document desired by the recipient of the translation.

The source documents provided at will be stamped, signed and numbered. The translation of the document in question will be stamped, signed, and will have the same number as the source document.

7. Copyright

All texts, photos and videos on are the exclusive property of

Any reproduction or use of the aforementioned media, partial or otherwise, without the prior consent of, shall be deemed to be counterfeit and sanctioned as such.

After the completion of the translation project (payment and reception of the translated document), you give to Inoui Translation the right to publish your logo in the section: “Inoui-Translation is trusted by”.

8. Reservation of ownership

The delivered products remain the property of until the full and effective payment of the price by the customer.

9. Data protection

Personal data is secure and is not accessible to third parties.

This data is kept indefinitely in order to allow the client to place a new order without having to register again. The client benefits from a right to modify and correct the data inputted by them. This can be done by connecting to their client account on the site.

The client may delete their personal data and account at any time. Their information will then be completely erased from the system.

All data on the site is hosted by, which ensures the protection and secure backup of the information entrusted to it.

Customers’ personal data (names, addresses, telephone) is not used for purposes other than to allow the processing of orders.

Only customers who have agreed to receive information from will receive our newsletters.

10. Litigation

In the event of any dispute, all claims, questions, and differences shall be finally settled by the Court of Dubai.